Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Alphabet Soup

The ABCs of Alphabet Soup was created to help me to articulate and negotiate the fellowships, credentials, certifications, curricula, and courses available to nurses and EMS professionals. The selected practice areas are reflective of my personal experience, interest and supported my professional goals of becoming a flight nurse, a paramedic and a wilderness medicine practitioner-educator.

The ABCs of Alphabet Soup provides general information and corresponding links regarding select fellowships, board certifications, credentials by examination, certifications, curricula and courses in each of the practice domains. Relevant professional associations and contributing bodies are mentioned along with the initial professional and experiential requirements, target audience, format, certification term, and re-certification criteria.

The ABCs of Alphabet Soup and it's authors are not affiliated with nor do they endorse any organization or offering. The ABC's of Alphabet Soup attempts to clear up some of the ambiguity and overlap among available options and will hopefully help you choose which fellowships, credentials, certifications, curricula and courses are right for you and your career goals.

I hope you will find the information helpful!

Brian Wilson

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